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Example web sites

There are some examples of percap web design Simplicity and Simplicty Plus web sites below. If you click on the thumbnails another window will open and you wil be able to explore that site.

This percap web design site is a typical example of a Simplicity Plus multi-page web site. If you want two or more pages following the same design then Simplicity Plus is for you.

Simplicity - single web page Simplicity Plus - multi-page web site
This option is Simplicity itself. You choose a domain name (web address) for your business, I consult with you to design an appropriate single web page and manage all the technical stuff on your behalf. Choose Simplicity Plus if you have more to say about your business or practice. Simplicity Plus provides a multi-page web site, independent hosting and your own domain name (web address).
Simeon Centre CEWB Training
The Simeon Centre
Simplicity Plus
CEWB Training
Simplicity Plus
Bringing Business Alive in the Classroom Perceptions Counselling & Psychotherapy
Business Alive
Simplicity Plus
Perceptions Counselling & Psychotherapy
Simplicity Plus
Affordable Counselling Arland Counselling
Affordable Counselling
Arland Counselling
Simplicity Plus

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