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No Flash, No Whistles, No Bangs... just simple, low cost, web design and management

Low cost web design and management Your own web site from around £2 per month Simplicity - low cost single web page Simplicity Plus - low cost multi-page web site

A business needs customers

You already know it makes sense to let others know about the services you offer but setting up a web site for your own small business or private practice is probably one of those ‘I'll get around to it some day ’ sort of things.

I offer a simple, low-cost solution. No flash, no whistles, no bangs... just information simply delivered for one low annual cost. Prices start from as little as £26.00* per year with no hidden extras.

Why bother with a web site?

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70% of all homes in the UK now have access to the internet 1. 80% of them search online to find information about goods and services. A custom-built web site will add to your business’s credibility. People are more likely to contact a business with a web site than those without.

Using printed directories can be slow and frustrating. Leaflets get lost or thrown away. Your own custom-built web site will:

A managed service

You don’t need any technical knowledge. A managed service means everything is done for you and can be explained in simple, non-techie terms. So from as little as £26.00* each year, your web site will be available to millions of potential customers and you won’t have to worry about any of the technical issues.

Choosing the right service for your needs.

Whichever service you choose you will not need any technical knowledge. All technical matters are managed by percap web design and this is included in the low cost annual fee.

Simplicity - single web page Simplicity Plus - multi-page web site
This option is Simplicity itself. You choose a domain name (web address) for your business, I consult with you to design an appropriate single web page and manage all the technical stuff on your behalf. Choose Simplicity Plus if you have more to say about your business or practice. Simplicity Plus provides a multi-page web site, independent hosting and your own domain name (web address).

* equivalent annual cost
1 ONS 2009